I help you in finding the perfect Villa for your stay in Sardinia, either for a holiday or for your life.

Helping you understanding the area

Given your desired budget and an area of the Island, we’ll spend few days together, driving around to know the place.
This is for free: I’m investing a bit of time, you are investing time to come and see the place.

Researching properties and pinpointing the good ones

Then, after you come here, we take a bit of time to research and find the exact houses we want to know better, so the ones that match your budget and desires.
I and you check the web to find all available opportunities, then I do research as well “on the field” talking with owners and agents to check all possible houses in this moment and seeing the ones that look good. I’d suggest to give ourselves a time limit to do that, because the research can’t go for years :). After this work we’ll select the houses we want to see with you. I ask a small fee to do that, just to cover my work.

Negotiating with the owner/agency, and helping you with all bureaucracy until the final agreement

After we pinpoint the houses we want to see, you come again and we visit them with their agents, like I did with Jan. If you find the house of your dreams (meaning of the dreams of your wife :), we start the negotiation with the agent/owner.
I work for you, not for the agency, so depending on the Villa and the moment, we could get good price reduction.
I ask for this a fee related to the price of the house and to the price reduction we can obtain thanks to negotiation.

Taking care of the restoration

After you buy the house, I can help you in finding all people needed to do restoration (ingeneer, gardener, interior designer and so on).
My fee is related to the amount of work.

Managing the property

When the house is completed, I can help you in managing the property.
My fee is a % of the gross income you make from the house.